General business terms

1. General terms

These General Business Terms were drawn up in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia, the Consumer Protection Act and the international requirements for e-commerce. The online store Farmavita (hereinafter  “online store”) is run by Farmavita d.o.o., an electronic commerce service provider (hereinafter the “Trader”).
Information on the electronic commerce service provider:
Farmavita d.o.o., Zagorska 55, 10430 Samobor, OIB (Personal ID No.) 78657393752
By registering in the online store, the visitor receives a username which is the same as the name of his or her e-mail, and a password chosen by the user. The username and password are associated with the entered data. By registering, the visitor acknowledges to be of age and having full legal capacity. Following registration, the visitor becomes a user and has the right to make purchases. By making a purchase, the user becomes a buyer.
By registering or making a purchase on Farmavita, the consumer gives the Trader consent to store, process and use personal data submitted through a web form during registration or by entering data during a purchase for the following purposes: to promote the product portfolio or send e-news or e-mails. These General Business Terms define the operation of the online store, the rights and obligations of the visitors, users and buyers as well as the business relationship between the Trader and the user and buyer of products available in the online store.
The entire content of the website is for information and education purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for medical consultation. We recommend that the buyer consult their personal physician about the benefits and credibility of our advice in accordance with their condition.

2. Access to information

The Trader shall always provide the user the following information:

  • data about the company’s identity (name and place of business, register number);
  • contact data, which enables the users to communicate with the Trader quickly and efficiently (e-mail address, telephone);
  • information about the essential characteristics of products or services offered in the online store, including after-sale services and warranties;
  • information about the availability of products or services in the online store;
  • means and conditions for the delivery of products or services, especially the location and delivery time;
  • information about payment methods;
  • information about the duration of the offers in the online store;
  • information about the period during which it is possible to cancel the contract and the conditions for cancellation;
  • information about the options for product return and the cost for the user when returning a product;
  • information about the process for submitting user complaints and data on the Trader’s contact person responsible for user relations and communication.

3. Product offer, delivery time and product delivery

Due to the nature of online commerce, the product offer is subject to frequent changes and updates. This may lead to errors. Please let us know about any errors by e-mail at of by telephone at +385 1 33 77 058. We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
3.1 Promotions and discounts
Benefit coupon 30%4ME is valid for all Renarthro products and only for the first purchase by a newly registered buyer. Only one coupon can be used for such a purchase.
3.2 Delivery time
Products on stock will usually be delivered to your home address within 1 to 3 business days. Every product in the online store is available in a reasonable period.
3.3 Product delivery
After placing an order, the user can have the product delivered at the specified address. The product is delivered by the Croatian Post delivery service to the user’s home address, and if the product is not paid for by credit card, the user pays for the product on delivery. The price of delivery are based on weight of the package. For example 0,50 gr/4,00 €, 0,50-100,00 gr is 8,00 € etc.

4. Payment methods

Farmavita offers the following payment methods for product orders from the online store:

  • payment on delivery
  • by Visa and Mastercard credit cards

5. Prices

The online price applies to all users of the Trader’s online store.
All prices in the online store are listed in Euro and include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Delivery costs are not included in the prices. The prices are valid only for electronic product orders in the online store.
The prices are valid at the time of filling out the purchase order and have a predetermined value. The prices are valid if the payment methods above are used, under the above-mentioned conditions. Despite our efforts to provide updated and accurate data, the pricing information may at times be invalid. In that case or in the event that the price has changed while processing the order, the Trader will do the following:

  • inform the user (buyer) about the new prices. In this case, the user (buyer) has the option to change the order, to entirely or partially cancel it or to confirm the order with the new prices, without additional cost; or
  • allow the user (buyer) to cancel the purchase and at the same time offer a solution which will be mutually beneficial and satisfactory.

6. Purchasing process

When an order has been received, it moves to the processing stage. The Trader receives a notice that the order was received by e-mail. After receiving the order, the Trader verifies the availability of the ordered products and either confirms the order or rejects it with proper justification. In order to verify the information and ensure the accuracy of the delivery, the Trader can call the user (buyer) by telephone using the contact number the user (buyer) entered. Once the order is confirmed, the Trader notifies the user (buyer) of the delivery time by e-mail. The sale contract for the ordered products between the user (buyer) and Trader is concluded in this phase (see point 7).

7. Invoice

The Trader issues a written invoice with a breakdown of costs to the user who purchases a product.

8. Right to cancel a purchase and to return a product

In accordance with Article 72(1) of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after receiving the product without stating reasons.
If the buyer decides to unilaterally cancel the contract, they need to inform the seller about their decision in written form within the above-mentioned deadline and cover the costs of returning the product to the seller. The buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the product resulting from its handling, unless it was necessary for determining the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product.
A cancellation message is sufficient for returning the purchased products within the cancellation period of the sale contract. The only cost for the user (buyer) while returning a product is the cost of delivery to the Trader.
The purchased products need to be returned to the Trader no later than 30 days after the placement of the order and the cancellation notice. You can inform the Trader of your intention to return a product by e-mail at or by telephone at the following phone number: +385 1 33 77 058. The purchased products need to be returned undamaged in their original packaging and in the unchanged quantity, unless the products are destroyed, without packaging or reduced in quantity through no fault of the user (buyer). If the package in which the user (buyer) received the products is damaged, lacking contents or the package was opened, the user (buyer) needs to initiate a complaint procedure. The buyer can return the products by sending them to the seller at the address of the delivery service the buyer choose for delivery. Packages delivered using the Croatian Post delivery service can be returned to the following address: Farmavita, Zagorska 52, 10430 Samobor. Contact number: +385 1 33 77 058.

If possible, the trader will also refund the user (buyer) the amount paid for the returned products or send a gift coupon within 30 days of receiving the products, but possible promotional discounts will not be refunded to the user (buyer). The amount is refunded to the user (buyer) on their transaction account, while the gift coupon is sent in the form of credit valid for future purchases. The Trader shall correct any errors as soon as possible. In case the user (buyer) notices an error, they can inform the Trader by e-mail at If the error caused unnecessary costs, the Trader shall attempt to cover those costs no later than 30 days after receiving notice about the error.

9. Warranty

If the user (buyer) is not satisfied with the purchased products, the Trader will refund the amount of the purchase in full within 30 days from the beginning of the satisfaction warranty period.
The user can receive a refund even for products used over a period of months, but in that case the rest of the product must be returned to the Trader undamaged, in its original packaging and unchanged quantity, unless the products are destroyed, spoiled, lost or reduced in quantity through no fault of the buyer.
The warranty can be used only with the original invoice of the user (buyer).
The user (buyer) cannot use the satisfaction warranty more than once a year for the same product. The user can use at most three satisfaction warranties in the same year for different products.
The Trader guarantees that the product will serve its purpose if the buyer adheres to the included instructions, forming the basis for a valid warranty.
The Trader will make a refund within 30 days to the bank account specified by the user (buyer) in their request. For more details on the product return process, call +385 1 33 77 058.

10. Delivery

The Trader will deliver the ordered products to the user (buyer) in the agreed time period. The delivery partner is the GLS delivery service. The Trader has the right to choose a different delivery service if it will be more effective for delivery.
In case of payment on delivery, the user (buyer) pays for the products and delivery costs upon delivery.

11. Child safety

In the online store, the Trader does not take on orders from persons known or suspected to be children or persons under 18 years of age. The Trader does not offer access to products which are harmful to children in the online store.
1. Without written permission from a parent or guardian, the Trader will not store any personal data of children or third persons, except those received from a parent or guardian.
2. Every communication with children will be appropriate for their age and will not take advantage of their trust and lack of experience.

12. Privacy policy

Farmavita d.o.o. values your privacy and that is why we always carefully protect your data.
All submitted information is protected from third party access, which enables you to freely and smoothly conduct business with the service provider.
This privacy policy can be changed or amended at any moment, without prior information or notice. By using this website after the change or update, the user confirms that they agree with the amendments.
The protection of your personal data implies the following:

  • We will never abuse your personal data in any way.
  • Your contact and personal data will never be forwarded to a third party.
  • Your contact and personal data can be revealed to a third party only with your permission.
  • We will not send you e-mails you did not register for.
  • You can quickly and easily unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists at any time.

All of our online activities are in accordance with EU laws (EU Directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC, and Treaty Conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185 and ETS 189) and the national laws of the Republic of Croatia (the Personal Data Protection Act, Electronic Commerce Act etc.). The handling of information that the provider receives about you when you visit and use our website is subject to the privacy policy.
Collecting and processing personal data

Personal data is information identifying you as an individual: your first and last name, e-mail or mail address etc. The service provider does not collect personal data unless you permit it, i.e. when you agree to it, for example, while ordering products or subscribing to e-news.
Use and dissemination of personal data
The Trader will use your personal data only to fulfil your orders and for technical purposes, for example for website administration, for providing you with access to certain information or for general communication with you. The Trader will not submit your personal data to third parties.
Freedom of choice
You are in control of the information you provide about yourself. If you decided not to submit certain information to the service provider, you will not be able to access some parts or features of the website.
We kindly ask users who want to unsubscribe from the Farmavita e-news, but are unable to do so by clicking to unsubscribe, to contact us by e-mail at If there have been changes to your personal data (mail address, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number), we kindly ask you to notify us about those changes at
Automatic information recording (non-personal information)
Whenever you access the website, non-personal data (the user’s browser, number of visits, average duration of the visit to the website, visited pages) is automatically recorded (not as part of your login). We use this information for assessing the attractiveness of our website and improving its content and usability. Your data is not subject to further consideration and is not revealed to third parties.
Cookies are inconspicuous documents that are temporarily stored on your hard drive and allow our site to recognize your computer the next time you visit our website. The provider uses cookies only to collect information that is related to the use of our website. Our website uses data from Google Analytics for re-marketing ads. This means that on the basis of your visit to the website, you can see Farmavita ads in the Google ad network or on other websites that use this form of advertising. For this purpose, cookies are used, such as Google Analytics cookies or some other cookies like DoubleClick cookies, through which the ad displays on websites you visit are optimized and which record your visits to those sites. Furthermore, on the basis of your interests, data from Google advertising and third party website data (which, for example, record age, sex and interests) is used in combination with Google Analytics for better understanding, analysis and optimization of advertising and the functioning of the site.
The Trader makes every effort to ensure the safety of personal data. Your data is continually protected from loss, destruction, forging, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized revealing.
Minors should not provide any personal data on the website without permission from a parent or guardian. Farmavita will never intentionally collect personal data from minors or in any way use or reveal data to a third party without their permission.
Right to information
If you have any questions about our privacy protection policy or the way we handle your personal data, feel free to contact us. Contact us at
You will be informed according to your request, in written form and in accordance with applicable laws, which data, if any, was collected during your visit to the website.
Publishing changes
Every change to our personal data protection policy will be published on this website. By using this website, the user accepts and agrees with the entire content of this privacy policy.

13. User opinions and product reviews

The opinions, comments and product reviews provided by the users are a function of the online store and are meant for the user community.
1. The Trader is not responsible for the content of the opinions, comments and reviews by the users or visitors. The Trader checks the opinions, comments and reviews before publishing and rejects those that are evidently untrue, offensive, misleading for other visitors and users, obscene or are not valuable in any way in the opinion of the Trader. The Trader is not responsible for information contained in the comments and reviews, and rejects any responsibility stemming from that information.
2. By posting an opinion, comment or review, the user or visitor allows the Trader to use or publish it in its entirety or in part in any electronic or other media without time or any other kind of limitation, if they are in the business interest of the Trader. This includes publishing in ads or other forms of communication. The author of the opinion, comment or review guarantees that they are the holder of the material and moral copyrights for the written opinions, comments and reviews, and that they cede those rights to the Trader for free and without any time limit.

14. Liability

The Trader makes every effort to ensure that the information published on the web pages is up-to-date and accurate. However, product characteristics, delivery times or prices can quickly change so that the supplier does not manage to correct the online information in time. In that case, the buyer will be informed of the changes and will be permitted to cancel the contract or to exchange an ordered product.
Even though the supplier tries to provide accurate images of the articles for sale, all of the photographs are symbolic. The photographs are not a guarantee of the product characteristics. From the moment the Trader sends the package containing the ordered products to the delivery service, the Trader is not responsible for damage, destruction, loss, lack of contents in the package or the package being opened. In the aforementioned cases, the user (buyer) has to contact the delivery service and initiate a complaint process. The Trader and the delivery service will make every effort so that the complaint is dealt with as soon as possible.

15. Complaints and disputes

The Trader has established an efficient system for resolving complaints, as well as a person responsible for contact with users by e-mail or telephone. The user (buyer) can call us by telephone at +385 1 33 77 058 or contact us by e-mail at The procedure for filing a complaint is available on the website, and it is simple and confidential.
1. The Trader will confirm that the complaint was received within 5 business days and will notify the buyer how long it will take to process the complaint and provide information on the procedure.
2. The Trader is aware of the basic feature of a consumer dispute in terms of a court case, and the disproportion between the monetary value of the request and the costs incurred while resolving the dispute. The Trader will look for the best way to resolve any disagreements by peaceful means.
3. Any potential disputes are resolved in accordance with Croatian material and procedural law in the court in Zagreb. All relations and rights not covered in these general business terms are regulated by the Civil Obligations Act, the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act.
15.1. Alternative consumer dispute resolution
In accordance with regulation, Farmavita does not recognise any alternative consumer dispute resolution body as having the legal power to resolve consumer disputes initiated by the consumer according to the Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (Official Gazette 121/2016). In accordance with the Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Act, Farmavita also posts a link to the European SRPS:
The buyer can also file a suit to the competent court according to their permanent residence.

16. Changes to general business terms

In the event of changes to the General Terms that regulate the operation of the online store, data security and other areas related to the operation of the online store and in the event of amendments to the General Business Terms, the Trader will notify the users and visitors of the website. All changes will take effect after a period of 8 days from the publishing of the changes or amendments. If the change is necessary due to compliance with regulations and laws, it can take effect within an even shorter period.
If a user disagrees with the changes or amendments, they must cancel their registration within 8 days because this will not be possible after this deadline. The user can cancel their registration by sending a written cancellation statement to the Trader.
These General Business Terms were adopted by the director of Farmavita d.o.o., Zdravko Mauko, on 25 July 2018 in Samobor. Please also consult our privacy statement.

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