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We advise you, as www.our-arthritis.com users, to carefully consider the following provisions before accessing these web pages, since they contain terms under which you can access and use the web pages. They also define your related rights and obligations as well as the rights and obligations of Farmavita d.o.o. By accessing these web pages, it is assumed that you have carefully read the following terms and that you fully agree to be bound by them.

Anyone personally interested in associating and exchanging information with others on the subject of arthritis can become a registered user, i.e. a member of the our-arthritis.com community. Membership is free.  The operation of the website is financed and monitored by the company Farmavita d.o.o., which also reserves all copyright relating to the content published on these web pages.

The information on our-arthritis.com or its related web pages is of a general nature, created by the registered users of these web pages and representing their personal and non-professional opinions.  Most registered users are not medical professionals, and so none of the information published on the our-arthritis.com website represents specific medical advice services for particular cases, physician’s advice or a substitute for a medical examination, nor is its goal to provide medical service. All published articles and the communication between registered users are for information purposes only and are meant to help give members a better understanding of their condition through communication with each other. Specific medical advice is not provided on these web pages and you should in any case contact your licensed physician and/or pharmacist for diagnosis and determining specific medical treatment. The user is solely responsible for any use of information on these web pages which runs contrary to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Even though Farmavita d.o.o. will try to provide its users the highest quality service, Farmavita d.o.o. in no way guarantees that the information on these web pages is most up-to-date, nor that it is complete, accurate or useful for a specific purpose, seeing as it serves for information purposes only. Furthermore, Farmavita d.o.o. will not be held liable for any damage to a user or third party due to use of any information on our-arthritis.com pages. The user needs to check every piece of information on these pages, as well as its practical applicability, with a certified expert.

In addition, Farmavita d.o.o. in no way guarantees that our-arthritis.com pages will always be available to the user or that they will function properly in a virtual environment.  Our-arthritis.com is a social network whose pages are dynamically generated. A significant part of its content is generated by registered users, without supervision or control by an editorial board. That is why Farmavita d.o.o. reserves the right to alter the content on the aforementioned web pages at any time, without prior notice to the users, and especially in cases when the published content is inaccurate, malicious or discriminating.

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