Why did we start an arthritis community?

Imagine what would happen if everyone recorded their experiences in the same place about which foods aggravate their illness, which drugs cause unpleasant side effects, which are the biggest problems during recovery from surgery ….

Let’s use the power of social networks to fight arthritis!

My name is Zdravko Mauko. I have osteoarthritis. I started Moj-artritis.com to meet other people who suffer from arthritis, and to share my experiences with them.

I believe that through connection and cooperation, we can significantly contribute to healing or at least reduce the problems that accompany certain chronic diseases. I will regularly describe my experiences with arthritis on these pages and I believe that other people will also benefit from it. Maybe my experiences in testing different alternative therapies will help someone; maybe other people will step in to support me, send me links to information about new therapies or news about companies developing new drugs.

As more and more people will join the community, so will its opportunities to respond to each participant with support and necessary information. Imagine what would happen if everyone recorded their experiences of which foods make their illness worse, which medications cause unpleasant side effects, which are the biggest problems during recovery from surgery, and other similar information. If thousands of people openly recorded and shared their experiences, maybe it would point to some new cause-and-effect relationships. I’m sure the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry would be interested in this kind of information. Perhaps on the basis of this information, they would perfect and supplement the existing ones or even create some completely new treatment procedures. Perhaps this community will not lead to any great discoveries, but I am sure that you will at least find a friendly soul here, who will listen, understand and support you.

The world has become a “reality show”

Have you noticed that the world has become one big “reality show”? The times when everyone hid their illnesses are far behind us, and we need to get rid of the discomfort of speaking publicly about our ailments. I know that it is not easy because there is still a danger that the environment or the employer may value you less if you reveal your ailments. This is why we guarantee you that we will sacrifice the privacy of your data. You can use a pseudonym or nickname when registering and communicating. Moj-artritis.com has an internal communication system so that you can communicate with any member of the community without revealing your e-mail address to anyone.

Moj-artritis.com has an advisory board made up of different experts (physicians, pharmacists, biotechnologists, chemists). Their role is to direct the development of Moj-artritis.com, and to monitor and publish professional news related to the treatment of various forms of arthritis. Unfortunately, the community does not have enough experts or the necessary authority to diagnose or treat any disease. All information on this website is provided in good faith, but without any guarantee that it is effective and/or safe for your personal use. To diagnose and treat the disease, you should visit the appropriate specialists (and after that we invite you to share your experiences with the community).

Information becomes free

It is possible that your doctor will not be very happy when you start questioning him about incomplete and sometimes wrong information that you have read somewhere on the Internet. One part of experts would most like patients not to research anything themselves, but for these experts to control access to all professional and scientifically relevant information. Unfortunately for them, this is no longer possible. Most research and professional medical literature is available online. Every day, patients are better informed about all the details of their illness. They expect open and comprehensive communication from their doctors; to explain to them all the available options for treatment, to explain to them the mechanisms of drug action and possible side effects, to give them relevant assessments about the success of individual therapeutic procedures and possible complications. That is why, in addition to patients, we also invite experts to join this community, and through improved communication, contribute to their professional reputation and the reputation of the institutions they work for.

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